“In the reiki session with Sofia, I felt very relaxed and safe.  This was a time in my life when I was carrying a lot of stress and sadness and the session helped me feel better.”
Minna H, London

“Sofia was a brilliant listener. I brought quite a vulnerable and tender issue to our session and she held it beautifully. I felt safe and really taken care of throughout the whole session. I left feeling deeply relaxed and very hopeful about my next steps and the relaxation lasted for several days – in fact, I’m still feeling it a week later!”
Sophie M, Sheffield

“I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Sofia and it has always been a wonderful experience.  Sofia has a very professional and friendly manner, and she always makes her practice feel very calm, welcoming and comfortable.”
Sarah E, Sheffield

“Sofia’s presence helped me to shed layers of worry and anxiety that I had picked up throughout my day and throughout my life!  When the session was over, I was much more aware than ever before of the way in which I habitually hold tension in my body.  I’m so grateful to Sofia for her care, gentleness and presence.  Her kindness flowed into my body and soul, and I haven’t forgotten its effect on me, even though I can sometimes clutter the space she helped me create through taking on too much and pushing myself.  Just to come back to that space in my memory helps me to remember what is really important.  Thank you, Sofia.”
Naomi E, Sheffield